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Have a family member wanting to join one of our teams?

Feeling a little hesitant about fundraising, preparation, and safety in South Africa?

This page is where you can read a few reviews from parents and past team members. 

If you are a parent, guardian, pastor or anyone else seeking more information please contact us and we will be excited to address any concerns you may have to help you make a wise decision about joining a team.

Your mission teams have changed the lives of so many people, never stop.

I have had the pleasure over the past six years of Son Safaris donating their time, money and expertise to help conservation and under privileged people from all walks of life.

Son Safaris teams lead by Fledge Fiamingo have helped many people to understand what amazing people with or without money can do when they are dedicated and passionate.

Fledge and his teams who have visited our operations in both Botswana and South Africa, have given us all a new perspective on life and have show that there are such amazing, caring people out there in the world.

No matter where I work, I will also endeavor to get Son Safaris to follow me to my new place of work, they bring such an amazing opportunity for our organizations to help and assist local underprivileged communities through hard work, passion and love... Son Safaris missions to Africa are a life changing experience for everyone involved and would certainly be a memory that the volunteer on the mission and everyone they meet and help will never forget.

Fledge you and your mission teams have changed the lives of so many people, never stop.


Bradley Schroder

CEO-Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

She came back a different person

I have known Fledge for over 10 years. His work with Son Safaris changes lives. I know because my daughter recently traveled to South Africa with a team of college students. She came back a different person. For parents who may be hesitant to allow their kids to go to South Africa with Fledge, you have nothing to worry about. Fledge's experience, leadership skills, and common sense is exemplary. I would not allow my daughter to go on the trip if I did not have complete confidence in Fledge. My prayer each day she was gone was that God would use her and the team to reach others. That is exactly what happened. It was inspiring to see how God work in raising the funds to go to South Africa, and in using Gracie and the rest of the team as they served the people there.


Mike Thompson

My girls were going again. This time my son and I joined them.

My girls (now 25 and 23) first went to Africa with Fledge in 2014. May I say it was against what I thought was my better judgement? But their judgement was better than mine and those two weeks in South Africa were an incredible experience. My photographer daughter would have gone for the animals alone, and my mission-oriented daughter threw herself into helping the children and building homes (she drug her sister along). They were safe and well-cared for and wanted to go again in 2015.

This time, my 20 year old son and I joined them.

It truly is a life-changing event. So unreal to know that a plane ride away from Atlanta there is an entirely separate and well-formed culture. Absolutely everything is different there, from the electrical current to the food, and the rhythm is set by sunrise and sunset – put your watch away.

To know that the Children’s Home is run by young adults barely older than my children was inspirational. Don’t even get me started on the animal treks.

Safety was never an issue, and no two days were the same. It was by far the most amazing week of my life. I am so grateful to have had this experience, and as a parent, would not hesitate to recommend the trip for offspring of all ages. They will come back to you wiser and inspired.

Alice Adams


I have been twice to the area where my husband serves with Son Safaris, once on our own, and once with our 3 small children - ages 3, 5, and 7. I have never feared malaria because we went in the USA summer - South Africa winter - when there are limited bugs and we were in malaria free zones. We took our family and never once questioned our decision to not take anti-malaria medicine. As an experienced ranger, my husband can tell horrible tales of people who were taking anti-malaria medicines and who were disabled for days during their trip, often spending their entire trip in bed, instead of enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Although there are areas in AFRICA where this disease is prevalent, it is a HUGE continent and South Africa is a small part of it. The area where Son Safaris serves is 'Malaria Free'.


Julie Fiamingo

We 'lived the experience' by being connected with the Team Leader

Mission trips are life-changing experiences not only for the ones going on the trip but also for those awaiting their arrival and for those who stay behind. Our family has had the opportunity to be the ones going and the ones left behind and have allowed the Lord to use these experiences to stretch our faith.

Questions begin to flood your mind....how am I going to raise all of that financial support, be away from my safety net of family and friends, will I be safe, can I sit on an airplane that long, etc...all are opportunities to see the Lord work things out for His glory.

Our daughter, JoHannah (JoJo) Biang, just returned from a two week mission trip to South Africa with Fledge Fiamingo from Son Safaris. His love for the South African people is truly evident in all aspects. From working with children's homes, building bomas, hand mixing concrete, cooking over an open fire, leading a game run to hearing the excitement in his voice as the team experiences Africa. WhatsApp is a great way to experience the trip through their eyes. I loved being able to hear and see the day's events through texts, video clips, and photos.

Thank you Fledge for your watch care over the team and for keeping us so well informed. We felt as though we were there with you as you shared your love for the people of South Africa. Matthew 9:36-38 We are His hands and feet.


Kristie Biang

Gave us a comfort level that we needed that he was going to take care of our kids.

First of all, let us say THANK YOU for giving of yourself for some college students from the University of Georgia to experience the trip of a lifetime. WOW! WOW! WOW! (Fledge-one of your favorite sayings and we love it!) What an amazing journey for 8 college students plus a spirit-filled leader who loves the Lord and gives so much of his time and energy so that college students can experience a ministry led mission opportunity.


At first, we were nervous and skeptical but the more we learned about Fledge and the Son Safaris organization, the more comfortable we became. Sending your child (even though a college student) to a foreign country on another continent is quite overwhelming and scary. We were concerned about their safety, diseases, etc. Fledge answered every question, however silly, and gave us a comfort level that we needed that he was going to take care of our kids. AND HE DID! We trusted Fledge wholeheartedly and would be glad to send our child with him again wherever he wanted to go.


Fledge has a special burden and love for his home country of South Africa and we can see how the kids became so attached as well. Our son, Alex, has not stopped talking about his experience and sharing his stories-even some of the special foods he encountered. He especially loved the children, and he said he hopes not to see a shovel again for the next five years. It was definitely HARD work, but very rewarding. Fledge kept our families (Team Loved Ones) informed of the group's daily activities and every day, we received audios and/or videos from the team. He was sure to include all the team members throughout the duration of the trip. We loved seeing and 

hearing from the group and how they were blessed and being a blessing to those they were there to serve.


THANKS AGAIN Fledge for everything you did to make this trip happen for our kids!

Renee and Eddie Herring

I will definitely be returning with Son Safaris in the near future.

I have traveled to Africa with Fledge through Son Safaris not once but twice to serve the people there.  Both trips were unique, uplifting, and as safe as any mission trip that I have been on!  I have been on multiple mission trips besides these with several different mission organizations and Son Safaris by far ranks at the top of my list!  Son Safaris is a very professional mission organization that allows you to experience local culture, work to conserve the environment, and most importantly share the love of Christ with the local people.  

I will use no other organization than Son Safaris as my avenue to serve in South Africa.  I will definitely be returning with Son Safaris in the near future.  As a Resident Director for Johnson University I plan to encourage my students to serve in South Africa with me through this great mission of Son Safaris.  I also have children of my own and hope that the opportunity will present itself for us as a family to serve through Son Safaris.


Weldon Davis

Resident Director, Johnson University

I didn’t think my life would change before I left.

I thought my life would change after we landed in South Africa…and it did. I met loving, wonderful people who softened my heart. I saw insanely big giraffes and scarily small scorpions. I watched a house go up and a life change forever. I got to get up everyday and have my life changed by eight amazing faces that loved and encouraged me.


But I didn’t think my life would change before I left. The whole planning process—from “I want to go to South Africa” to “How in the world am I going to raise $4000”— changed my life. It was humbling to dial each phone call and nervously ask, “Would you be willing to take a leap of faith with me?” That’s where my heart was worked on in a different way. Raising the money wasn’t the obstacle. My small faith was. So if the cost scares you, you’re not alone. It terrified me, but I serve a God that is bigger than my fear…and my $4000 goal.

Gracie Thompson

Seeing God’s love halfway around the world in the faces of people in heart breaking conditions will change you.

This was my first international mission trip (first time on a plane, actually).

I could not have imagined going with a better leader. Not once on this trip did I, or any of my teammates, feel unsafe or unclear of our expectations. Being neglected, or misinformed just isn’t part of the equation with Son Safaris. We worked hard, but all of this work was for beautiful, Christ-centered purposes. Our work included conservation projects at our reserve camp, visiting children's homes to spend time with the kids, and building a home for a children's home staff member.

There's plenty of manual labor, but there's work for everybody of all skill levels and interests.

Equally part of the trip, as the Safari in Son Safaris suggests, was taking game drives on the reserve, observing so much of the wonder God has created and animals I did not even know existed.

As a college student who has had very little mission experience, I had a great feeling about traveling with Fledge from the beginning, and that was not in vain. His ability to keep us encouraged and informed is second to none. I gained perspective on this trip that will guide me for the rest of my life. Seeing God’s love halfway around the world in the faces of people in heart breaking conditions will change you. If you, or a child are considering international missions, do yourself a favor and give Son Safaris a serious look.

I joined another Team -This Time for 4 weeks!

I just came back from a trip with Son Safaris. This is an amazing Christian non-profit. We as team members had the unique opportunity to work on conservation projects on a game reserve as well as help at children's homes. We were able to show Christ's love in so many unique ways. Fledge is so good at making you feel safe and as prepared as possible. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back. (JoJo has joined another Team, but will be serving for 4 weeks)

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