Frequently Asked Questions

What holds most people back from experiencing the blessing of a Son Safaris #creationcare team?

The preparation process, the answer is simple; procrastination. Delay in asking questions, delay in making a decision to go, delay in fundraising, delay in praying daily for the Lord to bless your faithfulness...delay, delay, delay. The Enemy is never threatened by someone who will neutralize themselves by putting off important decisions.

Do I have to be a Christian to be on a team?

No, but we are a Christian Mission. Please see our application for more details.

What is the minimum age requirement?

18 and older. 15+ if accompanied by parent or guardian. Parent or guardian is responsible for gathering all required immigration documents for traveling with a minor.

How many members are on each team?

Teams consist of only 10 team members. Teams stay on a private game reserve in South Africa. If you have a group interested in going as a team please let us know ASAP so we can reserve enough spaces for your team. Once an applicant has been accepted the space available for a team is limited to the remaining available spaces.

What about safety while in South Africa?

Where our teams travel in South Africa is safe. Just like traveling anywhere you have to be mindful of where you are and avoid making decisions that may place you or the team in jeopardy. You will be accompanied by a full-time Son Safaris staff member 24 hours a day.

What about vaccines and medicines?

We will be serving in a MALARIA FREE AREA so no need for any malaria medicines. We recommend HEP A and HEP B and a Tetanus Shot. The cost of any needed vaccines is not included in your fundraising and will be your personal expense. Bring an adequate supply of your usual prescription medicine, and bring all medication (especially prescriptions) in the bottle in which you received it.

Is the water safe to drink?


What if I have dietary restrictions/requirements?

If you have dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance, vegetarian, vegan, or other restrictions please let us know. Prior to sending in your application contact us to ensure we are able to meet your needs. We will be self-catering and preparing all of our own meals so our we are flexible and we want you to stay happy and healthy!

Do I need a passport?

Yes you need a passport! Our teams go to Africa, and therefore we are traveling out of the United States. Apply for a passport as soon as you can through the United States Post Office. We as an organization are required to obtain and send the expiration date of your passport for booking travel, so send us that information as soon as possible. Remember to renew your passport if it expires less than six months after your departure date. If you have a non-U.S. passport, you are responsible for finding out if you need a visa to travel to Africa. If you do not currently have a passport you may still send an application. South Africa also requires to have TWO OPEN PAGES - YES TWO FULL OPEN PAGES - Or they will not let you onto the plane. Once approved as a team member you will have time to apply for a passport.

What does the cost of the trip cover?

Return Airfare from Atlanta to Johannesburg South Africa Full travel insurance Travel within South Africa Accommodation and food Mission project for the team. Cost excludes Passport fees, Vaccines, Travel to/from Atlanta, personal souvenirs. Each member is required to raise the full amount - See website for cost and dates. $250 non-refundable deposit is required upon sending application. This deposit goes towards your fundraising goal. Each team member is required to cover a minimum of 10% of trip cost.

Why is each team member responsible for a minimum of 10% of the trip cost?

Team members are encouraged to raise support for their trip. This means personally asking others for prayerful and financial support. Being responsible for a minimum of 10% of the total trip cost allows others to see they are also willing to prayerfully and financially support their own trip.

Can I change destinations or stay longer at my destination?

No. It is imperative that all trip participants travel together for unity and liability reasons. Also, each trip is priced based on fixed variables such as destination and duration, so these factors must remain uniform.

How is airfare purchased?

We will book airfare for the entire team at once. By doing this we can usually obtain significantly lower fares as a group. All team members are expected to travel together on Son Safaris trips. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the staff.

May I use my frequent flier miles to pay for my ticket?

Great question, but no. Save them for another opportunity. To qualify you for travel insurance and to ensure consistency for team bookings, Son Safaris will arrange all flight bookings. However, you will be the direct recipient of any frequent flyer miles that you may incur on any flights booked for you.

If out of state do I cover the cost to fly to Atlanta?

If you need to fly to Atlanta to connect with the team we will calculate and book your flight. This cost will be added to your fundraising cost. E.g., if trip cost is $4200 and the cost for roundtrip to Atlanta is $250 then you will be asked to raise $4450.

If I have not completed my funding, will an airline ticket still be purchased for me as long as I have raised enough to cover the ticket?

No. If your trip is not fully funded (and no other arrangement has been made with a staff member), then you will not have an airline ticket purchased. Unfortunately, after several years of experience, this policy is non-negotiable. The expectation of all team members is that full support will be raised by the final deadline, not just the airfare costs. It is your responsibility as a team member to raise all the necessary funds. Buying airfare for partially funded members jeopardizes the welfare of the entire team, as it still leaves necessary costs unfunded. We send you as part of a team which means there are many factors to consider when it comes to arranging travel for teams, especially when it comes to booking flights together.

Will the financial gifts given toward my trip be tax deductible for my support team?

Yes. In order for the donation to be made tax deductible, the contribution must be made payable to Son Safaris and the person’s name should be on the memo line of their check. The giver must understand that they relinquish control of the gift once it is made, per IRS regulations. In other words, once received, the gift cannot be refunded or directed to another designation. However, we always encourage people to seek professional advice in matters concerning tax consequences.

Will I have access to WiFi?

There is very limited access to wi-fi. The team leader will have a local phone with a data plan to send and receive limited communications.

How can I be part of team meetings/planning if I live out of state?

Thanks to technology we are able to host our team meetings online through Skype. ​*We also have team members download a versatile app called 'WHATSAPP' for IOS or Android. This has been proven to be a great tool for team planning and international communications.

May I bring and use my hairdryer?

Don't bring your hair dryer as it won't work in South Africa. The USA uses 110 volt outlets. South Africa uses 220 volt outlets. If you plug your dryer directly into the outlet your dryer may blow up. If you plug it into a voltage converter the converter will only power about 80 volts and your dryer will sound like a car with a very dead battery, and therefore be useless. There will be bath towels available to dry your hair after a hot shower.

Can I use a buddy pass for my flight?

No. All teams travel together on a paid and confirmed seat. Using a buddy pass does not confirm a seat on our flight and we cannot afford for a team member not to make it onto our flight.