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Christian inspirational speaker Fledge Fiamingo weaves exciting safari stories from Africa with timeless Biblical truths. These multimedia events create a unique

perspective of understanding God through His incredible creation and a refreshing way of Tracking the Lion of Judah.

Fledge is also available to speak at church services, mission banquets, leadership seminars, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chamber of Commerce, fundraisers, home school events, and more. Son Safaris' Christian presentations can be uniquely customized around a specific theme and age groups.

Roaring Like A Lion

-Lions vs. Hyenas-


Our most popular series Roaring Like a Lion is an intense four-part series revolving around one of our planet's greatest rivalries: the battle between lions & hyenas. This brilliant series is awesome for Middle/High school, college, and adult retreats and conferences.

In this four-part series Son Safaris founder/director and safari ranger Fledge Fiamingo exposes the bitter rivalry between two of Africa's super-predators: lions and hyenas. Fledge shares how the eternal battle between these two enemies may be applied to your walk with Christ.

*Upon request of this series for your upcoming event you will receive a downloadable copy of this video for your promotions leading up to your event.
Meet Fledge

As a Christian inspirational speaker all over the US since 2003, Fledge parallels the exciting experiences of being on safari in Africa with having a relationship with Christ.

Fledge’s extensive knowledge of African wildlife combined with God’s Holy Word is what makes going on a Christ-centered creation care team with Son Safaris fabulously unique.


Meet Fledge: Why Son Safaris?

Meet Fledge: The Family

Fledge Fiamingo, Son Safaris' founder and director, was born in Namibia and grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era. Fledge has worked in many diverse fields which include:

  • Drill Instructor in the South African Defense Force,

  • NAUI Dive-master/Skipper for Ocean Divers International.

  • Crew member for the National Sea Rescue Institute

  • Safari ranger leading photographic safaris in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

Fledge also worked as Assistant Campus Minister at Christian Campus Fellowship at the University of Georgia where he met his wife, Julie. Fledge and Julie have been married since 2003, and are blessed with 2 boys and 2 girls.

Live Event Reviews

I was a cabin mom at North Georgia Christian Camp this summer, and Fledge happened to be speaking the week that I was there. Guys, I can’t begin to describe the kind of work Christ is doing through this man. His messages were entertaining, so compelling, and challenging to the teens and adults. His story is heartrending and he is such a good storyteller. My kids were talking all week long about how he helped them understand truths that they hadn’t understood before. Not only is he a phenomenal speaker, but he jumped right in with the kids! He laughed, played, and poured into the kids all week long like he was one of the cabin dads. It was the coolest. His passion for others and for these kids is obvious, and he loves so hard. He truly leads by example... He loved these kids like they were his own. I was shocked at how genuine and generous and loving this man is. You need to invite him for your next event!!! He works not for man, but for the Lord and it shows.
North GA Christian Camp

We absolutely LOVED having Fledge come and speak to our preschoolers! He captivated our youngest learners (18 months!) all the way up to our 5 year-olds with his fun presentation and amazing personality. Our students and teachers learned so much from him, and many parents commented that their children came home talking and talking about what they heard and saw. Fledge was the first "in house" field trip that we have done since COVID-19, and he was wonderful to work with our school parameters to keep everyone safe. He is kind and flexible. I really cannot speak highly enough of him! We are inviting him to come back next year, as well as to come to our church Sunday school. The best part was his ability to bring all of the incredible pictures and sounds back to our awesome creator: God. He was a blessing to our school this year!

Katie Ryan
Athens First UMC
"We have had Fledge come and speak twice at our Men's Wild Game Feast, we cannot say enough about his ability to hold the audiences attention, his passion for people, and most importantly his love for the Lord!"
Kasey Kuyper
Senior Pastor Pleasant Hill Christian Church
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 2.41.58 PM.png
Son Safaris has been invited to speak with the organization that I serve on 3 occasions. Our college students specifically asked for them to visit again. Fledge, Grace, and the team communicate well. As people of faith, they show great care and compassion for God's creation and how we may be excellent stewards of this. They are professional and engaging. I appreciate all they do and I strongly support their work! 
Curtiss Gibbs- Christian Veterinary Mission
"Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn." Fledge definitely qualifies as one of these folks!
Alyssa Anderson
College Student UGA

Event History

Come back often as we are always updating our latest events!



March 10
Athens 12:2 Ministry Luncheon
Athens, GA

Josh Melton

July 11-16
Teener 3 Camp
North Georgia Christian Camp
Clarkesville, GA
Andy Albea
Brian LaRue
Jacob Moore
Tyler Tinsley

July 22-23
Creation Encounter Teen Camp 
North Georgia Wildlife Park
Cleveland, GA
Hope Bennett


February 7-8
Real Life Real Impact
Christian Veterinary Mission

Auburn, AL
Dr. Lauren Charles

March 1
Virtual Safari-elementary, middle, and high school

Hamilton Mill Christian Church
Buford, GA
Jonathan Beaver

March 4

Athens 12:2 Ministry Luncheon
Athens, GA

Josh Melton
June 1-3
Zoom- Tracking the Lion of Judah interactive Q&A story time with Fledge
Three Days in the Life of the Hippo
June 18
Zoom-Tracking the Lion of Judah interactive Q&A story time with Fledge
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Middle School huddle
Jack Murray
July 22
Middle & High School bonfire message
Galilee Christian Church
Jefferson, GA
Brian LaRue

July 23-24
Creation Encounter Teen Camp
North Georgia Wildlife Park
Cleveland, GA
Hope Bennett

August 29
UGA CCF annual start of school retreat
Camp Maranatha
Danielsville, GA
Angela Denton-Rachel
Donnie Holliday

October 27
Zoom UF Christian Veterinary Fellowship
Grace DeBoer

Inquire to Book Fledge for a Live Event

AFRICA - Just the thought of the vast continent stirs the imagination!

In this BEAUTIFUL and DANGEROUS place God communicates through His creation.



Just mention Africa, African wildlife, or safaris and you already have people's attention. 

Add videos, slides, and amazing safari stories from a real safari ranger and it creates an incredible arena for excitement and enthusiasm.

Finally, parallel all this excitement with Biblical truths and a recipe for changing lives for the glory of God is set in motion.


The exciting part of Son Safaris' Christian presentations is that they can be uniquely customized around a specific theme and specific age groups.


The personalized messages are well organized to both inspire Christ followers and intrigue the non-believer with fabulous insights about having a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Please fill out the form on the right and let's begin a conversation to schedule and customize your special event.

Fledge travels out of Athens, Georgia and flies out of Atlanta, Georgia.


*It is Son Safaris' policy and Fledge's desire that no group be turned away due to a venue's budget restraints.

Inability to meet the normal honorarium is not the determining factor on Fledge speaking for your event.