Dear Mission Team Member and Prospective Partner


What can you expect to accomplish and be part of during your Mission trip to South Africa?

We have thought and prayed a lot about that exact question. 


Each of our Missions has two facets-

Strategic and Tactical.


Our Strategic Goal is to help bring the people of South Africa into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

 Our Strategy is to build long term relationships with Game Reserves and their surrounding communities by meeting felt needs. With these long-term partnerships we hope to accomplish one thing the Lord did very well with his initial 12 Disciples: SPEND TIME WITH THEM! 

By spending time with the Reserve staff and the people in the surrounding communities we have the opportunity to share and show the love of Christ. This paves the way for local Jesus Followers to share the truth about Jesus and His grace to hearts made tender by spending time with our Mission teams.


In a culture which often sees Christians in a negative light, seeing love in action is powerful!

Love in action so far has:

• Provided over 1200 Bibles both in English and local languages for local distribution.

• Provided over 20 water filters capable of cleaning 150 gallons of water per day per filter for 10 years

• Provided Educational and Medical supplies

• Provided Anti-Poaching gear to the Anti-Poaching teams on the Reserves we partner with

• Hosted numerous teachings about the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ for both children and adults

• Provided and Installed mosquito netting for the houses of over 130 families.


Your mission team will show the love of Jesus in action by meeting felt needs that have been made known to us.

Our strategy is simple but Biblical: invest time in individuals within the local communities as God gives opportunity.

We want our mission teams to love everyone they meet with the love of Jesus. 

Our strategy never changes. Our tactics frequently do.

Christian Mission to Africa Overview

Chalk time

Chalk time

Bibles for all

Bibles for all

Drinking water for schools

Drinking water for schools

Water filters for clinics

Water filters for clinics

Conservation Projects

Conservation Projects

Bibles in local language

Bibles in local language

Bibles and soccer

Bibles and soccer

Off to lunch

Off to lunch

Our Tactics are built on our strategy and some change according to the specifics of each trip.

One ongoing tactic is to continue to foster relationships with the CEO and Staff of Welgevonden Reserve in South Africa.

These relationships have already given us many opportunities to develop strong relationships with important people in communities on and near the Reserve.

Our tactic for building a good relationship with the Reserve is simple: be a good partner.

We do this by helping the Reserve fulfill its mission to conserve a piece of Africa. We see this as a win-win partnership! The Reserve gets much needed help and our teams get an amazing opportunity to obey God’s first command to “rule over” His creation – God’s mandate that we care for His Creation.


When our Teams help with a habitat or wildlife project they are learning to be good and responsible stewards of the natural world. A bonus to our partnership with the Reserve is that it strengthens relationships which have the potential to connect us to outreach programs to the local communities.

Conservation Projects

Conservation Projects



Children's Home

Children's Home

Conservation Projects

Conservation Projects



Under African Skies

Under African Skies

Time with kids

Time with kids

Communion Services

Communion Services

Our Tactical Goal is to strengthen our relationship with two Christian Orphanages: 

‘African Community Outreach’ and ‘The Fold’.  

Both work alongside Welgevonden Private Game Reserve.


African Community Outreach (ACO) was begun by a husband and wife team who are employed at Welgevonden. This amazing couple receive no salary from ACO!  


The Fold is a registered Private hostel based on the concept of building a series of small houses for children, instead of a large dormitory. Each house accommodates between 6 - 8 children, of different ages, and the children are looked after by a house mother, with the goal of making each house a home.


Both connections with these homes were made because of the friendship between Fledge and Bradley Schroder, CEO of Welgevonden. 

Our goal is to help ACO and The Fold fulfill their ministries which include:


• Looking after the many widows and orphans created by the terrible African Aids crisis.


• Feeding many children that are not able to go to school where many receive their only hot meal 

daily. They are fed a nutritious cooked meal 5 days a week and where possible also fresh fruit 

and fresh farm milk purchased directly from local dairy farmers.


• Providing mandatory school uniforms, school books and other educational aids enabling very 

poor families to send their children to school. We helped ACO purchase school uniforms 

(mandatory for attendance) for 250 children for last school term.


• Supplying school stationery such as pencils, pens, crayons, books, school back packs, 

calculators etc. Only very basic supplies are provided by their schools.


• Ending the cycle of poverty through education. They currently fund 8 college students and 

provide education for many children each year. It costs R400 ($40) to educate a child per year. 

The cost of putting a student through college is R15 000 ($1500) per year.


• Providing medical care for very poor families whose illnesses are beyond the scope of the local 

clinic. Patients are taken to Doctors, they receive medications and Specialist care if needed.


• Providing homes for desperate families who live in ram shackle tin shacks, tents and even 

cardboard boxes. The costs vary according to size but a two roomed house with an outside 

toilet costs about R15 500 ($1550), a one roomed house with toilet costs R9000 ($900). They 

have built 30 of these floored, pitched roof houses with lockable doors and windows in each 


Building a long-term relationship with these two local ministries will result in an incredible environment of trust.  As we partner with them our Mission to Africa teams learn what it means to take the Great 

Commission and the Great Commandment seriously.  


“As you go into all the world proclaim the Good News.” “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength…love your neighbor as yourself.”


Our Teams learn that loving others and proclaiming Good News everywhere we go, like two 

sides of a coin, show God that we love Him.

Building a long-term relationship with the Reserve gives our Mission to Africa teams the chance to 

experience some of God’s most majestic creation and to realize that the Creator cares deeply about what happens to His creation. God says in Psalm 50:10 & 11


“Every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are 



Our Teams learn that exploring, enjoying and taking care of the world that God has so wonderfully 

made shows God that we love Him.  

Our tactics provide the opportunity for us to apply our strategy: 



means living out the love and grace of Jesus through projects that meet felt needs.  


is what will open doors for God to work in people’s hearts and pave 

the way for future teams to SPEND TIME WITH THEM on the Reserve, with ACO and with The Fold.

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