Feeling in over your head?

As we begin a new year, you may feel there is something BIG you've been called to do, but you're in over your head. Maybe you even feel overwhelmed and terrified with no end in sight. If you feel as though you're beginning to sink, take a lesson from an incredible animal that must plunge headfirst into cold, hostile, and sometimes very deep waters - the polar bear.

Polar Bears are adveturous hunters who not only track prey on the ice, but venture out to sea in search of food. These ice dwellers have been seen swimming more than 100 miles offshore.

What amazing swimmers! Leaving the safety of land to hunt for food takes a lot of courage and faith that there will be a reward at the end.


What about you?

Is the LORD calling you away from the safety of your current environment and asking you to serve Him somewhere else in the hope of future rewards?

Will you take a leap of faith and trust the LORD?

The Creator of the universe provides everything for the Polar Bear to survive. The bears thick fur, huge paws, and body mass make it an exceptional hunting machine. God has given the bear all the tools it needs to succeed. He will provide all YOU need: direction, courage, strength, and the boldness to venture into unknown waters.

Yes, the polar bear has to use up precious energy reserves to earn a meal, but its successful hunting will restore the energy lost and carry it through until the next plunge. Whatever you find yourself diving into, it may not be easy and may zap you of your spiritual, emotional, or physical strength. Just as the bear has to keep its head above water to stay afloat, you too must keep your head up and allow Christ to be the center of your gaze. Focus on Christ and your head will be kept above water!

Yes, the bear is working toward a goal it may not yet reach and return to shore hungry, but it will dive in to seek out food again the next day. You too may not see the end result of your efforts come to fruition and feel like you've been on a path with no end in sight...yet! But this is ok. Not everything we commit to in this life will come to a "happily ever after" storybook ending. As Paul knew, we are part of a marathon event for all humanity with one ultimate prize.

Philipians 3:14

I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.

What a blessing to know that God grants us endurance for the race and will be faithful to us through to the end. Just like the polar bear, all you need to do is take the plunge into the unknown and Christ will take care of you! He will provide you with wisdom and strength and will never leave you if you decide to follow Him.

Respond in Prayer

Gracious Father and creator of everything, I ask for guidance as you prepare me to take the plunge into the unknown. I ask that you to lead me in Your direction and ask for You to share Your wisdom no matter what the odds are. I am seeking Your will today and truly understand You have the outcome already figured out. Help me to trust you now and continue to trust You throughout the entire race, no matter what. Thank you for loving me. Amen.


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