Listen before you Leap!

Snowy Owls perch above the snow on a tree or mound to maintain a great vantage over their hunting grounds. Though the owl has fantastic eyesight, its excellent hearing is what allows it to detect the scurrying movements of Lemmings below the surface of the snow!

How keen is a Snowy Owl's hearing? Sharp enough to let it accurately pinpoint prey hiding deep beneath the snow!

Waiting and listening are vital to its hunting method, as not to waste valuable energy on a false hope or missed target. The much needed meal hiding below the icy ground is what sustains the Snowy Owl. It cannot afford to waste energy chasing false clues. Therefore, listening before leaping is critically important for this majestic hunter to survive the harsh winters of the Northern Tundra.


Unlike the Snowy Owl, who listens before acting, we as Christ followers often act before we listen. In following our instinct instead of the Holy Spirit’s voice, we may jump headfirst into a place of guilt and embarrassment. Failing to listen to sound advice or gathering relevant information before 'leaving our perch' may leave us empty, as well as waste valuable time and resources.

Seeking sound advice can prevent this as clearly stated within God's Holy Word:

Proverbs 15:22 NLT

Plans go wrong for lack of advice;

many advisers bring success.

Seek advice from your spouse, friends, counselor, or co-worker before making important decisions. But most importantly, seek God and His kingdom first through reading scripture and spending time in prayer with the creator of everything! The LORD may be calling you to listen to Him before you act on His plan. Take advice from this beautiful, successful hunter -

Stop, listen, and then act.

Responding in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who died for me on the cross. Thank you too for the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within me. When I find myself leaping before listening, please give me the desire to stop and ask for help and direction. Lord, please help me listen first and then have the courage to leap for you. Your plans for me are perfect. Thank you for your divine Spirit and direction to fulfill your plans.


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