Who needs a ‘red nose’ when you have ultraviolet sight?

“I was blinded by the truth when my son used drugs. I didn't want to admit that my son would use drugs...oh no, not mine…” (Ladybuggram.Blinded by the Truth)

Blinded to the truth. This happens on too many occasions especially when it comes to family. We may know something is going awry but we don’t have the courage to admit it and to act on it. When we fail to do so, we allow the situation to escalate until it explodes and we end up picking up the shattered pieces of our life. If only we could see the signs before chaos erupts!

If only we could interpret the hidden agendas and avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead!?

If only we had specialized vision like Reindeer.

Reindeer are the only animals that can see ultraviolet light. Where humans need the help of a blacklight to see certain wavelengths, Reindeer are able to see these wavelengths merely by opening their eyes.

Things in the glowing white of the Arctic that would otherwise be missed are illuminated by this unique visual ability.

Things like white fur and urine are difficult, even impossible, for humans to see in the snow, but for reindeer, they show up in high contrast.

This helps Reindeer detect predators and avoid dangerous situations.

Just as the Reindeer is able to see signs invisible to us, the Holy Spirit is able to see signs in our world of perilous situations invisible to us. In our natural state we are blind both to God’s overwhelming love for us and to the spiritual predators and perilous pitfalls all around us. When Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior the Holy Spirit opens our eyes both to the glorious truth that we are beloved by God and to the truth that Satan hates us!


Through the power of the Holy Spirit, our eyes are opened and we see signs of pitfalls ahead that non-believers can’t see, because Satan blinds them to the only hope any of us have: salvation through Jesus, the Son of God..

Acts 26:17-18 NIRV

I will save you from your own people and from the Gentiles. I am sending you to them to open their eyes. I want you to turn them from darkness to light. I want you to turn them from Satan’s power to God. I want their sins to be forgiven. They will be forgiven when they believe in me. They will have their place among God’s people.’

Satan is the ultimate predator!

His rebellion against God cost him Heaven. All the pitfalls he plants in our path are for one purpose - to keep us from Heaven too. Whether thousands of years ago or today his purpose is the same. Blind us to God’s love, grace, and purpose and keep us staggering around in the dark with him.

But the Holy Spirit wants to open our eyes and shine the light of God’s Word into his darkness enabling us to walk with confidence because we see what lies ahead. he combination of the HOLY SPIRIT living in us and the light of God’s Word gives us the vision to see and understand the signs leading us to safety.

The Holy Spirit in us opens our eyes so that, like the Reindeer, we now see a previously invisible spectrum of light. The LORD longs for us to accept His Son so He can turn us “from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God” and give us “forgiveness of sins and and inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith” in Jesus.

Responding in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father I come to you today thankful that You are the Light in the darkness. I have stumbled many times in my journey because I was blind to the signs You placed before me. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who lives inside me to guide me out of darkness. Thank You for your Word, a guiding light showing me the way Home to You. Amen.



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