Smart and Effective!

The Killer Whale is one of the world's most intelligent and most powerful predators. They feast on marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, and even other whales, using teeth that can be up to 4 inches (ten centimeters) long.

They are known to grab seals right off the ice by working together to create a wave to try to wash their prey off the floating ice island.

And not just seals but see what they do with the camera crew.

Smart, fast, huge and hungry, Killer Whales are clever and DETERMINED to get food.

Their groups or "pods" are incredibly social and well organized, working remarkably well together to achieve their goal of eating more than 200 pounds of food each day. Killer Whales don’t quarrel about irrelevant issues like who gets to hit the seal first or how they should line up beneath the ice to tip their prey.

They work together to get the job done and they do it well.

Working together as a team should also be a valued characteristic of Christians, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Quarreling amongst ourselves about what sometimes could be a small issue often leads to division among believers who should be One Body in Christ.

Pews vs chairs.

Hymns vs Modern Worship.

Dip vs Submerge

These small examples can be reasons why churches split or why members of one congregation decide to leave and find a church that satisfies their idea of what church should be like. Unfortunately in these rifts, we fall through the cracks and our focus on Jesus suffers as we direct all our attention to our own selfish ideas. Before anyone has time to blink, a church has been split in two, divided against itself - And the enemy wins again.


Our Father in Heaven knows our hearts and our naturally selfish tendencies, but He has given us Holy Spirit to dwell within us and bring us together as one body (Romans 12:5). Jesus taught about being divided in Matthew 12:25.

Jesus knew what they were thinking. So he said to them, “Every kingdom that fights against itself will be destroyed. Every city or family that is divided against itself will not stand.”

The Killer Whale is very smart. We are too. Imagine designing our relationships with those we connect with in the same way the Killer Whale’s social structure is designed: well organized and working remarkably well together, no bickering, just achieving goals of sharing what Jesus did for ALL on the cross for our sinful nature and sharing the unrelenting love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Responding in prayer

Gracious Father. Thank you for loving me. There is so much distraction in this world and I find myself paying more attention to what turns out to be small and irrelevant compared to your love for me. Grant me the wisdom to begin sifting through what is important to you and focus on that. Amen


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