Don't be a Weasel!

Imagine being known for being vicious and bloodthirsty. This is what the Anglo-Saxon word weatsop for weasel means - a vicious, bloodthirsty animal. Weasels are fearless; they attack all who threaten them including humans!

They are also extremely fast and strong and will hunt creatures 5 times their size. They’ve developed quite a reputation for a such a little creature only weighing around 7 ounces.

Their name has become synonymous with liars and cheats and to be known as a weasel is to be untrustworthy. What a bad rap for these small and very cute creatures!


Unfortunately, there are some Christians who have taken on the definition of weasel as vicious and bloodthirsty when sharing their faith with others, or should I say throwing it at them. Believers who think that attacking people through scriptures to show just how wrong they are are guilty of setting a standard that even they can not reach - that of being sinless.

Without admitting their own flaws and how they have come to know Christ as their own personal savior, some sidewalk prophets just throw labels at people without concern for their fellow man. While there is no relationship, love, or concern for people as the ‘bullhorn guy’ stands on a college campus condemning all and pointing at each and every person that walks by, the powerful witness of Christ is shadowed by the hatred in men’s hearts for certain behaviors.

Though we may not be the “stand and deliver” type of preacher, sometimes we outright ignore people in our own lives because we don’t agree with their lifestyle instead of learning how God wants us to treat them and influence their lives for His glory. In loving them the way Jesus loves them, we can lead them towards our Savior - Who will bring them out of the darkness in His own perfect way, not through our imperfect way!

Focus, just for a second, on how Jesus dealt with sinners. Jesus was the perfect model especially in the situation of a woman caught in adultery. The accusers wanted to stone her for her sinful act and sought to test Jesus by asking 'permission' to do so.

John 8:7-11

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. They kept asking him questions. So he stood up and said to them, “Has any one of you not sinned? Then you be the first to throw a stone at her.” He bent down again and wrote on the ground.

Those who heard what he had said began to go away. They left one at a time, the older ones first. Soon only Jesus was left. The woman was still standing there. Jesus stood up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Hasn’t anyone found you guilty?”

“No one, sir,” she said.

“Then I don’t find you guilty either,” Jesus said. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

If anyone had the authority to be vicious and bloodthirsty when dealing with broken people, it would have been a perfect Jesus. No Sin whatsoever. Yet Jesus was anything but vicious and bloodthirsty. Jesus modeled compassion and empathy in ALL He did because He was always with sinners. Each and everyone He came into contact with was a sinner. This means that each and everyone we come into contact with, whether a close friend or new acquaintance, are ALL sinners. And this means you and me.

As a Christ follower we should know Jesus and let Him be known by His grace and love.

The Weasel has a rightful reputation of being vicious and bloodthirsty. When sharing the Love of Christ with others don’t be a weasel!

We are not meant to be the jury and judge. God is the sole judge of all of us. Jesus showed an infinite amount of compassion and we should too. Wouldn't it be awesome if Christians were seen as peacemakers and brought others to Christ because of their overwhelming love? We are meant to share Jesus with others, not condemn them for living with sin. We could then truly model the message Jesus shares with us everyday: “I love you.”

Responding in Prayer

Gracious Father thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your Son Jesus Who is the perfect model of compassion for others. I am a sinner. Grant me the peace to know I am loved no matter what. Grant me the wisdom to share this with others, and to model the grace Jesus modeled so wonderfully to everyone He came into contact with. May the truth of You shine through my life into the lives of others. Amen.


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