Schools and Classrooms

Are you an Elementary, Middle, or High School Teacher?

Are you teaching your kids about Africa?

Would you love to invite Fledge as a guest speaker into your classroom, but are afraid to because you're not allowed to mention God or the Creator to your kids?

No problem!

We can still bring a Virtual Safari Experience to your room.


Fledge has brought incredibly inspiring messages to thousands of kids in secular settings, home school co-op's, public, and private schools.


Secular and Christian classroom interactions hosted by safari ranger Fledge Fiamingo are fabulously interactive and are presented with a

"SHOUT OUT IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!" emphasis. Kids love this!


Do not hesitate to invite Christian inspirational speaker Fledge Fiamingo from Son Safaris to bring his vast knowledge of African wildlife and present an explosive and brilliant interactive presentation to your kids!


People love stories, and Fledge has many from his extraordinary experiences as a safari ranger in Africa.

The exciting part of Son Safaris Christian presentations is that they can be uniquely customized around a specific theme and age group. 

Upon confirming Fledge as speaker at your event, Son Safaris is excited to give away one of our safari pictures at each of your main sessions.


*It is Son Safaris' policy and Fledge's desire that no group be turned away due to a venue's budget restraints.

Inability to meet the normal honorarium is not the determining factor on Fledge speaking for your event.

"Powerful and inspiring multi-media presentations that incorporate African safari ranger Fledge Fiamingo's fascinating experiences and extensive knowledge of wildlife make Son Safaris a must have program for your classroom at school, church, college, or really any group."
Angela Denton-Rachel-UGA College Ministry Director

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Choose a photo to give away at your event!

Upon confirming Fledge as a Christian guest speaker we would be excited to give away an 11x14 photo from our gallery at each session.

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