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We absolutely LOVED having Fledge come and speak to our preschoolers! He captivated our youngest learners (18 months!) all the way up to our 5 year-olds with his fun presentation and amazing personality. Our students and teachers learned so much from him, and many parents commented that their children came home talking and talking about what they heard and saw. Fledge was the first "in house" field trip that we have done since COVID-19, and he was wonderful to work with our school parameters to keep everyone safe. He is kind and flexible. I really cannot speak highly enough of him! We are inviting him to come back next year, as well as to come to our church Sunday school. The best part was his ability to bring all of the incredible pictures and sounds back to our awesome creator: God. He was a blessing to our school this year!
Athens First UMC
Katie Ryan
Fledge came and spoke at our creation encounter- North Georgia Wildlife Park teen camp and it was amazing! God totally used him to touch lives! He is passionate about his faith and gifted in sharing and challenging people to more in their faith walk using stories from his safari guide experience. I highly recommend Fledge as a speaker and supporting their ministry. We are praying for the doors to open again so we can join his team in their fieldwork in Africa like he came and ministered to our campers!
Hope B.
North Georgia Wildlife Park
Son Safaris was very professional and courteous. Fledge did a wonderful job engaging our students and tying Biblical truths in with his life experience as a safari guide. I highly recommend him for your students!
Chad Stowers
Seymour Heights Christian Church
Son Safaris has been invited to speak with the organization that I serve on 3 occasions. Our college students specifically asked for them to visit again. Fledge, Grace, and the team communicate well. As people of faith, they show great care and compassion for God's creation and how we may be excellent stewards of this. They are professional and engaging. I appreciate all they do and I strongly support their work! 
Curtiss Gibbs- Christian Veterinary Mission
"Fledge kicked off our retreat weekend with a contagious enthusiasm! Students and professionals alike were riveted by his powerful storytelling. I was so impressed with the way he seamlessly wove his experiences in Africa with lessons from his walk with Christ. He thoughtfully tailored his message to our group’s specific needs. Fledge’s humor and excitement for the Lord rippled throughout our entire event!" 
Dr. Lauren Charles DVM. Christian Veterinary Mission
"I enjoyed meeting Fledge Fiamingo and Grace and hearing about their outreach to Africa and their involvement in animal conservation. Being able to hear his stories and meet him personally to discuss his outreach and work around the world was magnificent! Great guest speaker! Tying in nonprofit organizations related to animal health and conservation was just so cool!"

"I really enjoyed hearing his stories and seeing how he related all of them back to God, which encourages me to do that more in my life."
Students at Christian Veterinary Mission
I had Fledge speak at a recent event and he did a fantastic job. He is an enthusiastic speaker whose ability to hold the attention of his audience is rivaled only by his skill of delivering powerful stories that illustrate prominent principles. I highly endorse Fledge as a speaker for your event.
Josh Melton
12:2 Athens
“Fledge was a fantastic speaker at our annual banquet! He is passionate and captivating as he regales about his experiences as an African Game Ranger, - always relating his knowledge and experiences back to our relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, charm, charisma, South African accent and unique subject matter make him a wonderful choice for almost any event. While he was in town for our banquet, we had him speak at a local school and he did a devotion at halftime of a high school basketball game. Whether it is a wild game dinner, youth camp, church, school, athletic event or any age group, Fledge has a broad appeal to a variety of demographics.  I highly recommend him” 
Tom Harrison
Chairman of the Board
Cross Trail Outfitters
"The Outdoors Network International's relationship with Fledge Fiamingo at Son Safaris now spans several years. I have had the privilege of serving with him on a wounded veterans hunt in New Mexico as well as ministering with him in South Africa and Botswana. He has also been a keynote speaker for our organization on numerous occasions where he shares the correlation between creation and God’s word. Most recently he has served in the capacity of EmCee for several of our national events. His faith in God, contagious energy, and love for people welcomes listeners in as he shares stories from his South African heritage and  days as a safari ranger. I would highly recommend him as a friend and fellow servant of Jesus Christ. His personality will connect with people from all walks of life and all age groups." 
Bill Von Lanken
Executive Director
Outdoors Network International
"Powerful and inspiring multi-media presentations that incorporate African safari ranger Fledge Fiamingo's fascinating experiences and extensive knowledge of wildlife make Son Safaris a must have program for your classroom at school, church, college, or really any group."
Angela Denton-Rachel
UGA College Ministry Director
"We have had Fledge come and speak twice at our Men's Wild Game Feast, we cannot say enough about his ability to hold the audiences attention, his passion for people, and most importantly his love for the Lord!"
Kasey Kuyper
Senior Pastor Pleasant Hill Christian Church
"Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn. 'Fledge definitely qualifies as one of these folks! '"
Alyssa Anderson
College Student UGA
"We have invited Fledge multiple times over the years to speak and has been vital to the success of our Upward basketball and cheerleading league. His short 10-15 min devotions have been Biblically sound, engaging, and fun for all ages. Hands down he is the best speaker/teacher I have ever met. I would highly recommend inviting Fledge to speak at your next event."
Weldon Davis 
Resident Director Johnson University
"Son Safaris proved to be a great decision to have incorporated into our youth programming. Director Fledge Fiamingo is a strong man of God with a heart for Christ and a great love for people. Fledge's passion for sharing the love of the Lord through creation is powerful, timely, and creative. Fledge's presentations resonated with both our youth and our adult leaders. He even provided additional materials for small group discussion after each presentation. Ultimately, Fledge did a fine job of teaching a difficult subject matter and placing the ancient story of lions and hyenas into modern day issues in our communities and in our faith journey. The AFUMC youth group loves Fledge, and considers Son Safaris to be a great gift and witness to the glory of God!"
Josh Miles
Youth Minister Athens First UMC
Fledge came out and spoke to our VBS at our Jackson Lake Campus and was a HUGE hit! He spoke amazing truth to our K-5th graders, and to our adults as well! He made such an impact that other staff members wanted him at their events too and he will be at VBS for our Covington Campus! Fledge and his team have a heart for Jesus and people that is truly inspiring and you won't regret having him as part of your ministry or organization!
Brandon Daniel
Youth Minister Eastridge Community Church
"Son Safaris is one of the most unique Christian ministries/non-profit organizations out there today. Director Fledge Fiamingo is skilled at creating metaphors and parallels between nature and biblical truths. If you are looking to share the love of Christ through missions, Son Safaris is absolutely a great choice."
Ryan Kor
Student of UGA CCF
"Fledge has been our Winter Retreat speaker twice for our college ministry at Penn State. No one does a better job of revealing God's truth through creation. Fledge's experience as a former Safari ranger and campus minister allow him to engage audiences of any level with his story telling and preaching. You'll be hard pressed to find a more passionate speaker for a retreat, week of camp, or conference!"
Josh Pake
Campus Minister Penn. State
"A one-of-a-kind, unashamedly God-sized mission. I can't say enough about Fledge & Son Safaris. What a blessing and a pleasure to know this man and His dream first-hand. Don't pass up the opportunity to have Fledge come speak at one of your events, camps, retreats, etc."
Darrell Asche
Youth Minister Elberton Christian
"Son Safaris is an awesome ministry! Fledge has a great way of showing how God's creation and God's word are so connected. Loved the trip to Africa as well!"
Chris Portenier
Campus Minister NEO A&M College Oklahoma
"Fledge spoke at our College Kickoff Retreat . He did a wonderful job. He kept our students engaged, and they enjoyed every second of it. Using his personal experiences in South Africa as well as a great multi-media presentation with amazing footage of African animals, Fledge communicated some profound truths about following Jesus to our students. If you are looking for someone to share Jesus with a group in a very unique way, Fledge is your man."
Donnie Holliday
Campus Minister UGA
We have used Fledge to speak to our Student Ministry on multiple occasions. He is entertaining, informative, and deeply challenging. Not only are his presentations incredible, but his commitment towards taking students deeper and getting to know them on a personal level go above and beyond the "call of duty." You can't go wrong with Fledge or Son Safaris!
Adam Scott
Youth Minister Antioch Christian
"I have heard Fledge several times, and I always learn from his lessons. I am a huddle leader for Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Apalachee High School, and Fledge brought his message during a special event for us. The students were engaged in his lesson and loved his presentation of God creating the animals and His way of creating each of us. I have witnessed him speak to young children, teens and adults- he always adapts his lessons based on the age of the audience. Fledge is amazing!"
Tonya Crowe
Apalachee High FCA
"It is absolutely amazing to learn about the ties between life on safari and Scripture. Fledge does an incredible job presenting this, and leaves you wanting more."
Beau Mason
Assoc. Campus Minister UGA
"Fledge came and spoke at my school's FCA one morning, and everyone loved it! I think everyone wishes he could've spoke longer or come for few consecutive weeks!"
Emily Kerr
Jefferson High School
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