Sportsman's Banquets & Wild Game Dinners

AFRICA - Just the thought of the vast continent stirs the imagination!

In this BEAUTIFUL and DANGEROUS place God communicates through His creation.



Just mention Africa, African wildlife, or safaris and you already have people's attention. 

Add videos, slides, and amazing safari stories from a real safari ranger and it creates an incredible arena for excitement and enthusiasm.

Finally, parallel all this excitement with biblical truths and a recipe for changing lives for the glory of God is set in motion.


Invite Fledge as an inspirational Christian speaker for your next Sportsman's Banquet or Wild Game Dinner.

Fledge has brought an incredibly inspiring message to thousands of men, women, and children who just love being outdoors.


These fantastic events are often arranged for the outdoor enthusiast and lovers of the outdoors. This may sometimes be the only environment where they hear about the love and grace of Jesus Christ, and what it means to have a redemptive relationship with the Savior and Creator of all things.


The exciting perspective of Son Safaris Christian presentations is that they can be uniquely customized around a specific theme and age group to meet your ministry needs.

The personalized messages are well organized to both inspire Christ followers, as well as intrigue the non-believer with fabulous creation insights about having a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. 

"We have had Fledge come and speak twice at our Men's Wild Game Feast, we cannot say enough about his ability to hold the audience's attention, his passion for people, and most importantly his love for the Lord!"


Kasey Kuyper

Senior Pastor Pleasant Hill Christian Church


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