Tracking the Lion of Judah
Safari ranger Fledge Fiamingo is the founder/director of Son Safaris. Through live events, our #TTLOJ devotional, and #TTLOJ podcasts, Fledge shares exciting wildlife stories which act as a lens to focus on timeless biblical truth. He, his wife Julie, and their four children all share two great loves: God and His creation!

As a Christian inspirational speaker all over the US since 2003, Fledge parallels the exciting experiences of being on safari in Africa with having a relationship with Christ.
Fledge’s extensive knowledge of African wildlife combined with God’s Holy Word is what makes Fledge an incredible communicator and his perspective of Tracking the Lion of Judah fabulously unique.

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#TTLOJ Devotional


What on earth do a zebra's stripes, a hippo walking in darkness, a honey badger, a master weaver, and one of Africa's dumbest creatures have in common?

God communicates through His creation.

Embark on a spectacular journey of interesting animal facts about God's creation and discover how these beautiful animal traits offer us fresh insight into timeless biblical truths. As a safari ranger, Fledge knows about God's creatures but even more, he looks at them through the lens of Scripture. He takes us to where African wildlife and biblical principles intersect. Fledge and Tim provide life applications from relevant Scripture verses. The goal of this beautiful book is to open your eyes to how God's creation can enrich your relationship with His son Jesus.

Book includes:

12 devotions

Interactive QR codes

Leading questions

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Tracking the Lion of Judah devotional

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