What Does the Bible Say?

Three main points to What does the Bible say about Creation Care?:

1. The earth, its produce, and its inhabitants belong to God, not to humanity.

2. Humanity's God-appointed role in creation is that of steward.

3. God takes great pleasure in His creation and expects His people to respect and protect it.

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A message from Tim on

What does the Bible say about Creation Care?

"The first time I heard the phrase 'Creation Care' was in an exchange between a college student and a senior citizen at a church. The student mentioned to her elder that she was going on a creation care internship where she hoped to help with sustainability projects over the summer. The senior saint listened politely then told her kindly but firmly that saving the earth was all well and good but if she didn't 'save any souls over the summer you are wasting your time and our money.'

I wrote this paper to see for myself what the Bible say about caring for this planet. My findings convinced me, a 70 year old, that there is a nexus between biblical faith, justice, ecology, and sustainable development. I believe believers on both sides of this growing movement owe it to themselves to move beyond slogans and catch phrases and answer for themselves 'What does the Bible say about Creation Care?' I believe this paper is a good place to start."

I am on staff with Son Safaris. I am responsible for raising my own salary. I did not write this paper to make money, in fact I did not plan to share it outside of our mission, so there is no charge for you to download it.

If you find it helpful I could use your help to do more research, writing, and teaching on Creation Care. A donation of whatever the paper is worth to you and that you can afford would be most appreciated!

All donations are tax deductible. But the download really is free so please download it. I welcome civil comments and sincere questions. -Tim

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