Youth Camps, Retreats & Conferences

"Tell us the snake story!"

"What Happened when the elephant charged?"

People love stories, and Fledge has many from his extraordinary experiences as a Safari Ranger in Africa.

Now imagine combining captivating stories with Biblical Truths!


Imagine no further and invite Fledge as an inspirational Christian speaker to your next event. Whether it's a one day event, weekend retreat, leadership conference, or a week long summer camp, Fledge has a relevant and exciting message to suit your needs.


Fledge has brought incredibly inspiring messages to 1,000's of kids at Summer Youth Camps and Retreats.
The exciting perspective of Son Safaris Christian presentations is that they can be uniquely customized around a specific theme, as well as tailored toward specific age groups. 


Fledge has many different devotions and series.

If this is our first event with you, we would highly recommend the incredibly popular, unique, and engaging four part series:'ROARING LIKE A LION'. 

This series uncovers the vicious war between Lions & Hyenas and ultimately unravels an intriguing

question: "Which side will you choose - Will you be part of the Pride for Christ; or cling to the Clan for Satan?"


How can Son Safaris assist you?

If you request a four-part series, we can help you set your theme for your event and have all materials ready for you.

You would just have to print them out depending on your group size.

Campfires are a fabulous opportunity and stunning setting for Fledge to share safari stories by tying short fireside devotionals each evening into the main sessions.


Son Safaris can help provide:

  • Videos to help you promote your event

  • Multi-media main sessions which run around 45min each

  • Group outlines/ice-breaker questions to assist your leaders with smaller breakout sessions with the campers to help them dive deeper into meaningful conversations

  • A scripture/verse 'take away' for each session

  • "Roaring Like a LION" design for your T-shirts if you choose the series

  • Son Safaris' logos for you to use to promote your event

  • Fledge's Biography


Weekend Retreat Schedule Idea

Friday evening session - Campfire stories

Saturday morning session

Saturday evening session - Campfire Stories

Sunday morning session

We have also done: Friday Evening and three sessions on Saturday.


Summer Camp Schedule Idea

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning or evening session.

Campfire Stories each evening.


Typically a Summer camp may run from Sunday to Friday, but we can absolutely work with your schedule. This fabulous time frame truly allows Fledge to connect with his audience, not just while on stage, but also around meal times and during the week's camp activities.


*It is Son Safaris' policy and Fledge's desire that no group be turned away due to a venue's budget restraints.

Inability to meet the normal honorarium is not the determining factor on Fledge speaking for your event.

Choose a photo to give away at your event!

Upon confirming Fledge as a Christian guest speaker we would be excited to give away an 11x14 photo from our gallery at each session.

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